i believe life is meant to be lived creatively. and i believe that can mean something different to every single person who reads this. i'm a writer, a calligrapher, a painter, and barista. everything i am comes from my hands. i can only imagine the beauty waiting to be found in yours. i started out with a blog, but i wanted to bring the words right to you--words and art to brighten your day.

i'm not an expert in anything; i only dabble with pens and brushes and words that make me swoon.

but i believe in honesty, story telling, and living creatively.

i'd like to share my story, my risks, and my failures with you, with the hope that you might share your own story, your own risks, and your own triumphs while you dare to live a life that creates beauty and wonder. a life filled with strength and bravery. a life you create for yourself with your own hands.

let's create together.

xo cass

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